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More House School

Boarding Staff

At More House a student's emotional and social development is as important as his academic progress. The aim we have for each boy is that each will be at ease with himself and able to confidently play his part in society, able to work effectively in a group and have a well-developed sense both his own worth and respect for the worth of others.

Each student is a member of a pastoral form group and his Form Tutor will guide him sympathetically and gently challenge him to move outside his “Comfort Zone”. There are opportunities for the pastoral groups to work as a team, perhaps to raise funds for our Tanzanian projects. Leadership is encouraged and supported and developed through the school. In Year 9 an introduction to the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme is given and many boys take up this particular challenge in Year 10 and beyond. The Sixth Form follow the Amicus leadership programme.

Social and academic progress should go together and each boy has his own Mentor who will monitor and support his academic progress and liaise with his Form Tutor to ensure that this is so. If a boy needs particular help in social skills, this is given by the Learning Development staff. Sex education and relationship training is given at age appropriate levels throughout the school.

The “soft skills“ which are vital for successful career development are encouraged in a wide number of ways both in class and through the extensive extra–curricular programme. Careers guidance is given both by our own Careers Officer and through numerous presentations in assemblies which existing parents and old Boys help with.

Those who board have a Housemaster or Housemistress who live alongside them and assist in their development in the same way as a parent or elder sibling would in a family. When progress is reviewed at the end of each semester, a report is written by the boarding staff on social and personal development as seen in the boarding house.

As each year passes, the challenges to which a boy is exposed will gradually increase whilst always paying great attention to his safety and wellbeing. Thus, we hope, he will be equipped to cope with whatever awaits him in later life.

Our Community

There are one hundred and seventeen boarders at the school between the ages of ten and 18 years.  A team of eleven full-time housemasters and housemistresses, resident on site, provide the pastoral care and supervision, and are led by the Deputy Head (Boarding) who is the Head of Boarding.  Approximately one fifth of our boarders are full-boarders, returning home for school holidays and exeat weekends. The rest board on a weekly basis, arriving on a Sunday evening or Monday morning and leaving on a Friday afternoon. Many of our weekly boarders take advantage of the minibus service provided between the school and Farnham railway station, and railway tickets can be arranged by the school on pupils’ behalf.

There are two boarding houses; Main House accommodates the younger pupils, with pupils in years Six and Seven sharing dormitory-style eight-bed rooms, and pupils in years eight and nine in smaller bedrooms of two or three boys each. Whether in larger or smaller room, every boy has his own bed, wardrobe, drawers and cupboard, and is supported by a housemistress or housemaster who lives in separate staff accommodation within the same boarding house. Boys are always able to obtain adult help throughout the night if they feel unwell or anxious. There are five members of staff resident in Main House.

Older students are accommodated in St Anthony’s House in study bedrooms shared between two or three boys. There are also some single study bedrooms available. Like in Main House, each boy has his own bed-space with private drawers, wardrobes and cupboards, but with the addition of a desk.  Six members of staff live in St Anthony’s House.

The house staff, who all complete the Boarding Schools Association Professional Certificate in association with Roehampton University, or another equivalent pastoral qualification, supervise and lead a broad range of physical and social activities, fostering a sense of participation and community amongst the pupils in their care. All are trained in Safeguarding, Child Protection and First-Aid, as well as supporting students with those special educational needs profiles experienced by the school.

Mr Fred Pennell Deputy Head (Head of Boarding)
Mr Luke Webb Deputy Head of Boarding
Mr Alastair McGregor Senior Housemaster (Main House)
Miss Charlotte Boyle Housemistress
Miss Julia Collington Housemistress
Mr Jarred Cooper Housemaster
Mr Rory Flynn Housemaster
Mr Jake Francis Housemaster
Mr James Jones Housemaster
Miss Sarah Roberts Housemistress
Miss Ellen Voice Housemistress

More House School

Moons Hill, Frensham,
Farnham, Surrey,
GU10 3AP.

T: 01252 792303