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Come Try With Us!

Come Try With Us!

We are looking to run some ‘Come Try With Us’ More House Boarding nights
on a free-of-charge basis over the next half term, and in the weeks following
Easter. These are aimed at any Year 7, 8 or 9 day boy who has perhaps wondered
about what goes on in boarding and whether or not it might be an option for
him in the future. Those of us who work in boarding and the boys themselves
know too well of the many benefits it can offer them as part of their school life
here at More House and we would like to spread the message even further.

The proposed dates of these nights are:
Tuesday 7th May
Wednesday 15th May

Every guest will join the other boarders in their age group to follow a typical
evening of activities, evening meal, social time and, of course, getting to sleep
the night in one of our 2-man or 3-man rooms. They will also experience the
ease of waking up at school, being provided with breakfast and not having to
travel into school on that morning; a welcome blessing for you as parents and
for them as well.

Each night will have up to five spaces for boys to try out and these will be
offered on a first come, first served basis at a limit of one per pupil. Additional
details and information will be provided once your child has been booked in.
If you are interested in booking your son in for one of these nights, please
contact me in boarding: or on the boarding
mobile phone which is: 07900-698783 (5pm onwards) on any weekday.
I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Fred Pennell, Head of Boarding


What does Boarding add?

For all years:

  • A reduction on time wasted through commuting - boarders are often less tired than some of their day boy friends because of this. More time to relax - more time to study!

  • A dedicated housemaster/mistress supporting your son’s development and growth

  • Development of social interaction, social confidence, friendship groups proven to last for years after leaving MHS

  • Growth in independence

  • Learning to live within a shared community with a strong sense of camaraderie

  • Immediate access to the on-site facilities

  • A rich programme of extra-curricular opportunities beyond the normal school day and after-school clubs

"George has had an incredible time while in boarding, he has enjoyed all the activities and trips. All the staff have been very attentive and caring and the experience has been one he has benefited from." (Year 11 parent)

"Due to his medical condition he tires easily and boarding obviously has helped alleviate this hugely with reducing travel times

and so again has helped improve his academic and musical achievements having more time to study and practise." (Year 9 parent)

"The structure and routine at school has also helped his organisational skills at home too." (Year 7 parent)

For GCSE years and 6th form  

All the above +

  • Preparation for living away from home; for example in preparation for university

  • Life-skills development, e.g. through evening cookery sessions, independent laundry, etc.

  • Leadership  opportunities for 6th formers - boarding prefects 

  • Modern accommodation and Sixth-form specific amenities 

  • Easy access to all revision classes, subject-support sessions, supervised independent study options


"Our son started boarding in year 7 and is now in the Lower 6th. The change we have seen in him has been astounding. In particular his confidence has soared, and his social skills have dramatically improved. I recall he once said to me that he had more good friends in the first week of boarding than he ever had after 7 years at his previous nursery/prep school." (Lower 6th parent)

"Thank you to all the boarding staff, especially, for caring for our son and treating him like a young adult,

encouraging him to take responsibility and risks, in a safe environment." (Year 11 parent)


How to seek more information?  Visit the 'Boarding' tab on the school website or Contact the Head of Boarding, Mr Fred Pennell directly, at, or through the school office.  Bespoke tours and consultations available.

We will be happy to show you around boarding and to organise a trial 'overnight assessment' for your son at no cost to yourselves. Should this assessment prove to go well from both perspectives, then things can progress from there. 

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