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More House School


The school operates a fortnightly academic timetable.  On Monday to Friday in Week A and Monday to Thursday in Week B, each pupil experiences six lesson periods, plus two form-time registration periods, an hour’s lunch-time and a morning break-time.  Younger pupils enjoy a mid-afternoon break-time as well.

Every other Friday – those falling in Week B – is a flexi-day.  On these days, form-registration times, break-times and lunch-times remain as on other days, but rather than having six different lessons through the day, the day’s teaching time is given over to a one-off whole-day plan.
For pupils in Year Eight or younger, this may mean they experience a single subject for the entire day, or perhaps a combination of subjects addressing a common theme, or project.  The opportunities for cross-curricular learning are therefore enhanced and activities which would extend beyond a single hour’s lesson can be enjoyed.  This will sometimes involve curriculum-related off-site visits.
For pupils in Year Nine and above, it is most usual for Flexi-Friday to be used for the teaching of a single subject, affording in-depth exploration of a topic.  Again, this may be in the form of an off-site educational visit or for field work, or it may provide an opportunity to practise skills relevant for performance during formal assessment.  Normally such days, although centred around a single subject or topic-area, afford a breadth of activities associated with that topic. 
Flexi-Fridays support the development of pupils’ collaborative-working, independence and problem-solving skills.  They allow pupils to work in social groups that may differ from their normal class-groupings, and to extend their language and communication skills.  Above all, they are an exciting, often surprising, tool for engaging pupils’ natural curiosity and excitement for learning.

More House School

Moons Hill, Frensham,
Farnham, Surrey,
GU10 3AP.

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