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12 Days of Christmas Competition

Every entry gets a lucky dip prize.

The top 3 entries win a crazy Christmas game each.

The library are running a Christmas competition for the rest of this term on the theme of the '12 days of Christmas'. Click here for a great youtube video explaining the origins of the story. 

To enter you need to create one of the following:

A 'short story'...about YOUR twelve days of Christmas. What do you get up to on those 12 days?

A '1-12 list'...of YOUR favourite Christmas things, such as food, fun, films and so on. You must make sure you say why you love EACH thing.

A '12 days of Christmas' song...based on the traditional Christmas carol of the partridge in the pear tree. Click here for a demo of the original words. Make up your own version with YOUR 12 favourite Christmas gifts.

You can present your entry in ANY way you like. It could be handwritten, typed, a powerpoint presentation, a comic trip, a computer animation, a recorded speech, a performed song. You don't HAVE to perform the song, you can just enter the words. Whatever you do, be as imaginative and colourful as you can, and put time and effort into your entry. 

Only one entry per student.

All entries should be given to the librarians by Monday 5th December. Every entry gets a go in the lucky dip straight away. The top 3 entries will win a crazy Christmas game each. These winners will be announced on the last day of term. 

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