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More House School

Pastoral and Safeguarding

At More House School we believe that every child has the right to learn within a happy, supportive and safe environment. We aim to instil self-confidence in all pupils, whatever their abilities and help them to fulfil their potential through furthering self-belief and nurturing the child’s natural desire to learn. We see it as important to develop a sense of community and to teach pupils to have empathy and respect for people from all backgrounds.

Each pupil is a member of a form tutor-group comprising approximately twelve boys. They have a single form tutor who meets with the group at the beginning of every school day and at the end of the day’s lessons. The tutor becomes the central point for communications regarding the academic progress and pastoral support of the pupils within their form group. The form tutor is usually the first point of contact for parents and subject teachers, and liaises with other members of the school’s staff as appropriate regarding pupils in their form group.

Oversight of the academic and pastoral support of pupils within each year group is provided by the head of year, who meets regularly with each form tutor in the year group. Additional support is provided by a mentor who meets their allocated mentees one-to-one on a regular basis and supports the pupil to set himself weekly challenges which combine to address his annual therapeutic targets, agreed between the pupil, his parents and the school at his annual review meeting.

In cases where further support is needed, this is provided via the Pastoral Plus system which involves a member of staff working individually with the pupil to provide support. This may lead on to counselling or involvement with outside agencies. 

Parents and pupils receive half-termly grades together with an annual full school report, attend an Annual Review conducted by a senior member of the school staff, and attend an annual parent and teacher consultation evening at which parents and their sons have the opportunity to meet with subject teachers, therapy staff, the form tutor and the head of year to discuss the pupil’s progress and needs.

Our sanctions and rewards policies are age appropriate and implemented rigorously.

Safeguarding remains, at all times, the highest priority within the school.  Led by the Headmaster, Safeguarding arrangements are coordinated by the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Mrs Lee, supported by her deputy DSLs.  The school's Safeguarding Policy can be accessed from this website through the Policies page of the School Information section.

More House School

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