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The School Day

The School Day

You begin and end your school day with your form tutor. Registration is at 8.30am and 4.00pm. In the morning there is a teacher on duty from 8.20am. You will usually wait in the playground before school starts, but for the first two weeks you can come in and sit in a classroom with a teacher if you wish. Your day ends at 4.20pm. There is a teacher on duty in both car parks at home time.

Registration will usually be followed by an assembly or mentoring. Your tutor will tell you who your mentor is and where you need to go at the start of term. Your mentor will help you choose small
challenges to work on each week. These will be recorded in your diary along with your homework and any notes between home and school.

Period 1 starts at 9.00am. You will have 6 teaching periods a day, each one lasting about 55 minutes.
Your teachers will help you record your homework in your diary. If you are worried about homework you must talk to your form tutor. We have a two-week timetable. Friday of Week B is a Flexi Day, this
means that you study one topic for the whole day. You will still begin and end every Flexi Day with your form tutor.

Lunch and Breaks

There will be a morning break. You are allowed to bring a snack to school to eat at morning break. This should be a healthy snack and not sweets or chocolate. You must follow our ‘no nuts’ rule and make sure that your snack is nut free. Some boys have allergies to different foods – please do not share your snack.

You may bring a hand-held console to use at break times but it must be named and it is your responsibility to look after it. Electronic games are not to be used in the break before school and should not be used every break. All games must be age-appropriate. Further guidelines will be issued to your parents. Your tutor and parents may choose to agree days and times when you can play electronic games.

Going Home

You will either go home at 4.20pm or 5.30pm, depending on whether you stay for an after school activity or to do your homework. You should be collected from the lower car park. If you need to be collected from the top of the school, make sure that your tutor knows this. If for any reason your lift is later than 4.30pm or 5.40pm, you must be collected at the top car park.

After School Activities 4.30-5.30

If you wish to go to an after-school activity, your parents can book this through the parent portal. You can find out about the different activities on offer at the start of term. Most clubs are free, but a few require payment. 


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