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More House School

Visual Arts

Edexcel GCSE, AS and A2 Photography

Light and Lens Based Media

Photography GCSE and A Level are project-based courses which develop knowledge and understanding of creative photographic techniques, materials and processes. Through exploring the work of other photographers, students develop a wide range of analytical skills. Independent judgment is encouraged to extend pupils' own thinking and inform practical work.

Most importantly students learn to develop imaginative powers together with the skills to express ideas, feelings and opinions through visual interpretation. The course provides the opportunity to experiment with both still and moving image, digital-based photography. 


Edexcel BTEC Nationals in Art and Design, Level 2 and 3

The BTEC National Subsidiary Diploma is equivalent to a full GCSE (Level 2) and a full A Level (level 3), yielding the same number of university admission (UCAS) points.  It provides an in-depth educationand training programme to help students enter employment or allow students to progress to further or higher education in their chosen sector of art and design. The BTEC offers the students the chance to be judged by continual assessment rather than by an end of course exam. The breadth of the qualification allows teachers to tailor their classes to suit the students they are teaching and ensure they get the best results possible.

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