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Clubs and Activities

Welcome to our After-school Activity page

More House School’s After-school Activities programme continues to provide a breadth of activities that will appeal to all ages and all interests. We hope that the variety of activities on offer will further your son’s academic, social and emotional confidence in addition to that which he receives from the formal curriculum and that which he receives from our more extensive range of ‘free’ extra-curricular provision.
Our programme offers a variety of activities for pupils staying after school. These range from outdoor activities like Manhunt and Football to indoor activities like Dungeons and Dragons, and Film Club. There are exciting paid and pre-booked activities that the pupils can sign up to, allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. During exam season there is an expansion of the GCSE and BTEC curriculum support activities on offer to those students in Years Ten and above.
A more detailed extra -curricular programme is displayed on the school website for each term. 
For further information about the extra-curricular activities programme, please explore the school website or contact me at:



Ms Lucia Roe
Coordinator of Extra Curricular Activities


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