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More House School

Admissions Process

Finding the right school for each individual child is essential. More House School is the right fit for our pupils, and supports them to overcome adversity and achieve fantastic success. However, it would be a mistake to assume More House is right for every boy.

The admissions process is about uncovering enough information for everyone - parents, child, professionals and the school - in order to inform a decision about whether or not a place at More House School is likely to yield success for the child by meeting effectively his needs.

We follow a comprehensive admissions process that ensures all involved in making the decision, especially the parents, have enough information to inform that decision. We follow the process carefully, step by step, and are not able to miss out any part of the process. This really is in the best interests of the child involved.

  • It starts by completing a new enquiry form (below). A member of our admissions team will then follow up over the coming weeks to arrange a telephone appointment to have a detailed conversation about the prospective pupil.
  • If the Admissions Registrar believes that More House School might be suitable, they will request that reports are submitted by the parent(s). These may include recent school reports, possibly an educational psychologist’s report, or reports by other professionals who may have assessed the child. If the child is the subject of an Education, Health and Care plan (EHC plan) then this is also required.
  • The reports will be read by a group of professionals at More House School to decide whether they believe that More House School is likely to be able to meet the child’s educational and social needs as described by the reports. If so, the parent(s) will be invited to attend an appointment to meet with the Headmaster and to tour the school during the teaching day.
  • Following his appointment with the parent(s), the Headmaster will decide whether to offer an assessment visit for the pupil to attend. This is usually a visit of between one and three consecutive days, and is likely to include a Speech and Language assessment and an Occupational Therapy assessment, conducted by specialists at More House School.
  • Following the assessment visit, a decision will be made by a team of school professionals as to whether More House School is an appropriate placement for the child, in terms of being able to meet his needs. If appropriate, a formal offer of a place at More House School is then made by the Headmaster, which the parents may then choose whether or not to accept.
  • Where a boarding place is requested by the parent(s), an overnight assessment consisting of at least two nights' stay in boarding will also be arranged prior to the offer of a place. This may take place at the same time as the initial assessment visit, or at a later date prior to the boy’s start date.

More House School

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