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More House School

Charitable Fundraising

All boys and staff are encouraged to think about those less fortunate than they are and to show solidarity with them in practical ways, and to make suggestions about who we may be able to help.

For some years, we have built up a strong relationship with a school and its village in Tanzania. Previously, this was done through the British Council, but we now work alone. Our boys have worked on the same projects as were being studied at Shia School and then we have exchanged the work produced which has shown, in spite of economic differences, the children in the two countries have similar thoughts and needs.

We have exchanged teachers and contributed to their teachers' professional development by giving them experience in our school. We have funded the development of the school and its resources through our annual sponsored walk and other fundraising activities and on discovering  that a young man in the village wanted to become a doctor, we agreed to fund his medical education with the result that he was able to graduate and take a job working in the local hospital.

At home, we have supported the local hospice, the childrens' wards of hospitals who have helped some of our students and local homeless charities. We also work in the close community, our bands play at the local fete and we help the National Trust on the local commons.

Many school events are designed to raise money for local, national or international charities, and there is always a collection at our whole-school religious services at Christmas and Easter to support such purposes.  Most recently the school has supported the Ukrainian Humanitarian appeal with pupils taking the initiative and running various activities in order to raise money for the cause including cake sales and 'Gunge the Teacher'.

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