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Earn Money and Experience...

...Doing What You Love

One of our Deputy Head Boys came into the library the other day to borrow a book on goalkeeping from our football collection. He was heading off to do some coaching with some younger boys and wanted to photocopy some of the pages in preparation. A chat about his coaching interests followed and he very kindly agreed to write up his experience as an inspiration for others. 

'For those of you interested in your sport, specifically football, you'll be glad to know that you can gain experience in the game from a young age. I have been working as a referee and a coach in the game since June 2021. If you're looking to work in football or any sport, refereeing is a good way to go, as I specialise in football I can only talk about that. You can become an FA qualified referee at the age of 14 and can earn up to £50 a week, when you turn 16 and are eligible to referee older groups you can earn up to £100-£150 a week depending on how many games you referee. I thoroughly enjoy being a referee and it has given me such a vast knowledge of the game. When it comes to coaching, I have a volunteer role and a paid role. Due to these roles, I have now gained experience in working with children, I have my DBS check, have gained a qualification in First Aid, and Children's safeguarding. This type of work can be very rewarding and it's a hobby that happens to be a job that I'm being paid for. If you find something you love, don't be hesitant to try and find a part-time job in that hobby, and earn money and experience for doing what you love.' Fraser Murray - Deputy Head Boy / Head of Sturt House

So if you have a hobby and would like to make some money out of it, seek out Fraser for some inspiration. And of course, the library will do its best to provide you with supporting information!

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