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More House School

DEC! students shaping their futures.

Opportunity of a lifetime for DEC! students

More House School and the Technology Department have been selected to take part in a pilot project coordinated by Class Of Your Own and Bentley and being held at the BIM Academy This event involves industry, universities and two other UK schools, in a project working with Bentley and Hyperloop Technology.

This is a once in a life time opportunity both for the school and the students; it will be an impressive addition to any CV when seeking future education or employment.

The project will require them to undertake a number of design tasks throughout their summer holiday,  including computer design and communicating with students and professionals across the country to ensure a high quality end project.  

CAD image produced by student George in five minutes using ContextCapture which can produce even the largest and most challenging 3D models of existing real-world conditions, including scales as large as entire cities, from simple photographs, in order to easily and quickly provide context for design, construction, and operations decisions for all types of infrastructure projects throughout the world.

More House School

Moons Hill, Frensham,
Farnham, Surrey,
GU10 3AP.

T: 01252 792303