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More House School

Paintballing Revenge

Students Vs Staff

Certain year 10 boys made it very clear that they wanted revenge for the aquapark annihilation they received from the staff. And its fair to say they delivered. Team red comfortably destroyed the blues with a final score of 65 to 35,

Mr Bradshaw changing teams halfway through to enable himself the best chance to shoot and get shot at by everyone at some point in the day. Excellent work from Joe H, not just for ripping a hole in his brothers arm but also for capturing the flag in the first map. Noah T-R also gets a shout out for going rogue and shooting anyone who got in his way even if it was after the game had finished. Luke M and Toby C were both last men standing with Mr Bradshaw delivering the final hammer blow on both occasions. Fraser M took his revenge by shooting Mr Bradshaw in the backside despite being on the same team, friendly fire??? Mr Fitzpatrick taking 15 shots to the chest in one sitting. Henry W wearing a hideous Hawaiian shirt... not sure he understands how camouflage works. James M and Matt W were fearless in attack often finding themselves surrounded.

The best bruise from the day is owned by Monty the Monster J with a beautiful shade of purple on the back of the neck. The true star of the day belongs to Mrs Owen. The only female participant on the day took a no nonsense approach delivering kill after kill leaving boys terrified to turn up late to her next lesson. We think Mr Kalsi played but he was often found quivering behind a tree leaving the rest of his troops to take bullets for him. A 3 out of 10 performance from him!

Fun was had by all but staff walked away with cuts, bruises and swelling causing some fingers to point in the wrong direction. 

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