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More House School

Access Arrangements

In line with Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) regulations, a pupil’s entitlement to Access Arrangements is dependent upon both formal assessment by the school’s qualified Academic Assessor, together with supporting evidence of need, which reflects his ‘normal way of working’ within the classroom.

Access arrangements are agreed before any assessment and allow pupils with specific learning difficulties to access an assessment without affecting its integrity.

The most frequently provided entitlements are for readers/scribes/extra time/word processors.  As facilitators for pupils in exams, readers and scribes are required to follow strict guidelines.

Our Academic Assessor is also our Head of Learning Development, Mrs Sarah Cavannagh, who assesses pupils at the beginning of Year 10 to determine their individual entitlement and they are regularly monitored during internal assessments in Years 11/12/13 to ensure that their arrangements remain appropriate.

The school is inspected annually and must produce evidence of need, together with approval documentation.  The school is not in a position to grant access arrangements without adhering to the strict guidelines set out by JCQ.

Access arrangements can be viewed on the school's Parent Portal.

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