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More House School

Careers and Higher Education

Talking about careers…….

At More House, information and discussion about the world of work is implicit within the whole curriculum, from the early years until the boys complete their education with us. Teachers and support staff take opportunities to draw attention to real-life scenarios, the relevance of subjects to daily working life, and their own life experiences.

To fulfil the requirements for careers education, advice and guidance in schools from Year Eight to Year Thirteen, as set out by the DFE (Careers guidance and inspiration in schools: Statutory guidance for governing bodies, school leaders and school staff [2015; 2017]), the school provides a careers support programme organised by a qualified Careers Adviser. At every stage, the boys are encouraged to enter a dialogue with informed adults about their roles in the world of employment, and how they achieved these.

To ensure that we reflect the world of future opportunity for study and employment as realistically as possible, we invite institutions and employers into school regularly to address the boys. We are particularly keen that parents of the boys who attend our school share their knowledge and expertise through presentations and workshops.

Our careers programme  

Year Eight
‘What am I good at?’

Students are given tasks to complete that will encourage them to explore their individual personalities and how these traits will guide their study and career choices.

Year Nine
‘What are my options post-GCSE?’

Students engage in an initial exploration of the range of choices available post Year Eleven, and ways in which these can be studied – i.e., through A level, BTEC courses or apprenticeship.

Year Ten
Action Planning

Each boy is offered an interview with the careers adviser, usually provided in the late Lent/Trinity terms. Parents are very welcome to attend. During the discussion, we explore what subjects he enjoys; his interests, accomplishments, and extracurricular activities; and any plans he has for future study and work. He is invited to complete a questionnaire about his skills and interests, which can guide future choices.

Year Eleven
The Next Step

Each boy is offered an interview in Michaelmas (autumn) term to discuss choices of subjects for college or Sixth Form; requirements for study at university or entering an apprenticeship; and any other issues related to future study and career ideas and choices. Parents are welcome to join the discussion.

The Sixth Form

All the boys are given many opportunities to explore options for study, work or alternative pathways post-eighteen through assemblies, talks from employers and others with expertise; a UCAS Programme; the Renaissance Programme of extracurricular activities; attendance at careers fairs and university fairs; and individual interviews with the Careers Adviser. 

Our programme is growing and changing as we assess the needs of each cohort of boys passing through at every level of study. We welcome contributions from parents, governors, employers, and other visitors to enhance and extend the service we offer.

Higher Education

A majority of More House School Sixth Form leavers go on to study at degree level in a university of their choice, but it is not the only route.  Others may find their best pathway is a move taking them directly into industry with continued learning - possibly through an apprenticeship scheme.  Alternatively, continuing further education through progression to an apprpriate college-based course may be right.  More House School commits to supporting all of its students to explore possible opportunities for progression from school and Sixth Form, and to identify and secure their preferred placement.


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