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More House School


We have hundreds of new Fiction and Non-Fiction titles for you to choose from which you can either enjoy in the library, or loan and take home. We also have regular subscriptions to a huge variety of magazines for you to browse and enjoy.

We are hugely thankful to the Friends of More House School for their generous donations to enable us to supply the kind of library you have been waiting for, and we are sure you will agree, it has been well worth the wait.



To access the 'READING CLOUD' please click here:

  • To login, use your school username
  • Your password is your date of birth in 8 digits. eg. 1st January 2001 is 01012001
  • You can update your password by going to the 'PROFILE' page
  • Any difficulties, please contact the librarians

The ‘READING CLOUD’ is a website that holds information about all the HARD COPY books in our school library.

The ‘READING CLOUD’ allows the boys to:

  • SEARCH all hard copy books in the library for help with homework and independent research
  • RESERVE books
  • Post BOOK REVIEWS of hard copy books in the library
  • SHARE their favourite book and author ‘likes’ with their friends
  • Keep a track of their hard copy book LOANS, and when they are due
  • See the latest library news such as ‘BOOK OF THE WEEK’
  • See what books are TRENDING across the school, and the country
  • Watch online videos of AUTHORS talking about their books
  • Get RECOMMENDATIONS for new books to try



To access 'SORA', please click here:

  • To login, use your school username
  • Any difficulties, please contact the librarians

'SORA' is also available as a free app which you can download to any device. Just search for 'soraapp' in your appstore.

‘SORA’ is the school library’s online EBOOK AND AUDIO BOOK collection. Our online library is curated in the following collections on the ‘EXPLORE’ page:

  • Audio Books Younger Fiction
  • Audio Books Older Fiction
  • Audio Books Readalong (highlighted text and audio)
  • EBooks Younger Fiction
  • EBooks Older Fiction
  • EBooks Classic Fiction
  • EBooks Graphic Novels
  • EBooks Non Fiction
  • Years 7-8 Recommended Reading
  • Years 9 Recommended Reading
  • Years 10-11 Recommended Reading
  • Sixth Form Recommended Reading
  • Harry Potter Collection
  • Spanish Collection

There is an ‘OPEN DYSLEXIC’ font available when borrowing ebooks, and personal targets and achievements to work towards under the ‘ME’ tab.



Please do not hesitate to contact the librarians for more information or any difficulties accessing/ logging in to 'READING CLOUD' or 'SORA', or for any book recommendations for the library.

Lucy Marshall and Sandra Lewin

01252 792303 ext 497

More House School

Moons Hill, Frensham,
Farnham, Surrey,
GU10 3AP.

T: 01252 792303