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More House School

Teaching and Learning Community

The Teaching and Learning Community has been established as a whole school approach to sharing innovative teaching solutions that can be used to support More House boys.

The community started out as a weekly meeting group where excellent curriculum teachers, experts in language and occupational therapists would regularly attend to discuss strategies and classroom practice that would benefit different students.

Over time the regular group meeting evolved into an intuitive database style system that could be contributed to by all and is now readily accessible to teaching and support staff, thus putting research and collaborative thinking at the heart of provision for MHS boys.

Strategies and resources that are working well for particular students are regularly added to the Teaching & Learning Community database in the form of pupil work or footage of a lesson which is then searchable.

The different categories available include areas such as how to overcome the challenges of sequencing, learning key vocabulary, rigid thinking, memory, concentration and more.

Interactive reports based on a particular focus area are issued to teaching and support staff regularly. These contain footage of inventive lessons and evidence of success which can then be used to support the pupils in classes who need this or to offer additional challenge to boys who wish to push themselves further.

More House School

Moons Hill, Frensham,
Farnham, Surrey,
GU10 3AP.

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