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Reading Cloud | A Reminder

The Reading Cloud is a website that holds information about all the HARD COPY books in our school library.

The ‘READING CLOUD’ allows the boys to:​

  • SEARCH all hard copy books in the library for help with homework and independent research​

  • RESERVE books​

  • Post BOOK REVIEWS of hard copy books in the library​

  • SHARE their favourite book and author ‘likes’ with their friends​

  • Keep a track of their hard copy book LOANS, and when they are due​

  • See the latest library news such as ‘BOOK OF THE WEEK’​

  • See what books are TRENDING across the school, and the country​

  • Watch online videos of AUTHORS talking about their books​

  • Get RECOMMENDATIONS for new books to try​


To access the Reading Cloud, please click here

  • To login, use your school username​

  • Pupil's password is your date of birth in 8 digits. eg. 1st January 2001 is 01012001​

  • You can update your password by going to the 'PROFILE' page​

  • Any difficulties, please contact the librarians​

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