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'When my son joined More House in year 5, reading was something that he was forced to do as part of schoolwork. He struggled with reading and hated non-fiction. I had to force him to read at night. A few months later, he was bringing different books home from the library and reading them without too much fuss. Fast-forward a couple of years, and he is reading a book a day at school and home for pleasure!

The teachers actually told me at school they would have to tell him to stop reading and put his book down. He goes to the library daily to change his books and experiments with new books, non-fiction and new authors. The variety of different types of books available and the guidance of the librarians has made a big difference to developing his love of reading. I now find him reading everywhere – in the car, at night, on the sofa. He says he is good at reading and loves getting books. He is one of the highest borrowers at the library and has been recognised for it. He still loves me to read to him at night as his way of relaxing before bed. He has found the joy of reading which will stay with him for life.'

More House School Parent

More House School

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