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Welcome to the More House Learning Development Centre (LDC) 

Sessions in the Learning Development Centre include Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and specialist Literacy and Numeracy Tuition. Intervention is individually planned to meet the specific needs of each pupil through a personalised timetable, combining therapies which aim to manage and overcome the specific difficulties they experience. LDC sessions are integrated into the whole school timetable so that no student is withdrawn from lessons to attend.

Most of the therapy and tuition is delivered in small groups of between 3 and 6 boys from a team of 33 members of staff. We support the development of listening and attention, understanding of the spoken word, expressive language ability, speech and fluency, social communication, gross and fine motor skills, bilateral coordination and motor planning, visual perception and sensory processing and reading and spelling, reading comprehension, numeracy and mathematical skills,

In addition, therapists and tutors support the functional use of strategies learned in the LDC by attending lessons and supporting social interaction during break times.

In Years 10 and 11 LDC staff offer support through the curriculum, such as developing an understanding of the more specialised vocabulary required for the GCSE curriculum, teaching techniques to answer exam questions effectively, helping with time management and organisation. This continues through the Sixth Form, as well as offering opportunities to develop life skills in preparation for life beyond More House.

The work of the Learning Development Centre is fully integrated into the life of the school, with many staff being form tutors and mentors. In addition, all LDC staff are available to offer support to both teachers and parents/carers whenever requested, and regularly contribute to INSET workshops and lectures.

In addition to school responsibilities, staff in the LDC regularly contribute to lectures and workshops for teachers and learning assistants in the wider community.

More House School

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