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(n) declension: 2nd declension; gender: masculine

Definitions: counsellor/courtier (to a prince); friend, ally, disciple; loved one; patron


Like all good ideas, our Amicus programme is built on a simple premise: The people best equipped to understand and empathise with students who may be struggling with their education are those who have faced a similar struggle.

With ‘Amicus’ we encourage our Sixth Form students to give a little back to the school by helping younger pupils with their education. For many, this involves being in a classroom to provide ‘frontline’ encouragement, though some may choose to help teachers to develop resources, displays or online VLE materials.

Amicus participants are carefully supervised, but they are also treated as part of the teaching team – a status that can boost confidence and consolidate communications skills. Though participation in the scheme certainly helps add weight to a Curriculum Vitae or Personal Statement, the intangible benefits of being a friend, ally or counsellor to a young person in need of a helping hand can be so much greater.

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