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More House School

Welcome from the Head of Sixth Form

The time you spent in Sixth Form can be the happiest and most fulfilling of your life. Academic development fuses with personal growth to create a confident, resourceful citizen ready to face the challenges, the set-backs and the opportunities that lie ahead.

At More House, we strive for a balance between support and independence, recognising the need that many students have for small class sizes and a structured environment whilst acknowledging that the future demands of Higher Education and the world of employment require you to become more confident, resilient, and self-motivated.

The first year with us will be as much about managing changes to your learning environment as it will be about studying new, exciting things. To get the most out of Year Twelve, you will need to take more responsibility for your own learning. Whether you choose a ‘traditional’ A Level programme, a more vocational BTEC Level 3 diet or our consolidating ’11.5’ Year of Level 2 courses built around GCSE Mathematics and English, you will need to develop (with our help, of course) the capacity to manage your own time and set your own goals. Our experienced team of tutors, mentors, language therapists, counsellors, subject teachers, alongside our careers advisor and Hugh Rashleigh (our Sixth Form Custodian) will all  be there to guide you through this crucial, confidence-building year, but we will be taking our lead from you and not the other way around.

By Year Thirteen, you should be more settled into your courses and aware of your strengths and needs. You should also have a clearer sense of where you are heading for the next chapter of your life.  Nevertheless, a full programme of support remains in place for those who need it, alongside close contact with parents and boarding staff. By the time you begin your final with us, you should already be receiving specific and targeted help with those crucial, life-changing decisions about the future: employment, apprenticeships, specialist college or university? If we have worked successfully together to make the Sixth Form years effective, then your choices will be broad, and your choices will be your own.

Welcome to the driving seat.


Iain Yeoman

Head of Sixth Form

More House School

Moons Hill, Frensham,
Farnham, Surrey,
GU10 3AP.

T: 01252 792303