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Leavers' testimonials

We regularly ask families who have recently left More House to move on with their journey to reflect on their time with us. Below are some of the comments we received in the summer of 2022.

“More House School saved our family, the support & dedication throughout our Son’s entire time at MHS is incredible.”

“More House has literally transformed our son into the person he is today. At mainstream school he was struggling academically and socially, but More House has given him the confidence and belief that he can achieve whatever he wants to, rather than believing he cannot.”

“MHS changed our son’s life. Apart from his parents nobody believed in him until he came to you. He had few friends, was socially awkward and although bright may have achieved little academically due to how his behaviour affected his learning. You changed that by sticking with him even when at his most difficult. Giving him opportunities that allowed him to grow in confidence and believe in his abilities. There are still bumps along the way, but we often reflect on how much he achieved with you when he is having a down day.”

“Our son built up confidence and knowledge. Learning in a safe environment to develop into the person he is today.”

“Without More House, our son would not have done well academically or grown into the confident and independent young man he has become. I also believe you have instilled an understanding of other people and empathy with other people. This will stand him in great stead going forward.”

“We are very sure our son would not have secured the academic success or his dream course at Uni without MH school! So, it has literally changed the course of his life... what he does with this great start is now up to him!”

“Our son needed supervision and guidance to keep focussed, on track and on time! It was a very caring environment where no child gets left behind, even, or especially the quiet ones.”

“Where to start? It has been the most incredible experience and one of the best decisions we have ever made as a family. Some specifics - the option to choose BTECs as well as GCSE/A levels made a world of difference tour son and has made the transition to Uni study very straightforward. Also allowing him to take level 3 subjects with 4/5/6 grades at level 2 in those subjects, not all schools would have done that but he made huge leaps academically in 6th form to get excellent grades. Socially he has grown in confidence massively and considering his conditions, he has come through adolescence without the mental health problems so common in the neurodiverse community.”

“He definitely and without any doubt would not be where he is without his time at MH.”

“Beyond expectations.”

“Our son has become an independent young adult who isn’t phased or restricted by his challenges. He is much liked by everyone he meets or interacts with. He is a well-mannered and thoughtful individual.”

“Huge positive impact. Hard to imagine he would be where he is today in terms of academic, achievement had he not been at MHS.”

“Our son built up confidence and knowledge. Learning in a safe environment to develop into the person he is today.”

“Our son achieved great results and a clear career path based on the schools’ options and the teachers he met.”

“Given our son a sense of worth, given him confidence, helped turn him into an amazing caring popular young man.”

“More House was the most positive and rewarding school experience for our son and I am hoping that this will have an impact on his future choices.”

“I think More House gave our son, first and foremost, a sense of belonging and community. His potential was not only seen but realised because of the commitment of staff at every level and stage. More House felt like an extension of family by the time he left. He was able to see his future positively and above all with hope and belief that he could achieve anything he set his heart and mind to. He has transitioned to a neuro-typical world with ease because of the tools and confidence he gained whilst at More House and there will never be enough words to convey our gratitude to ALL staff for the future you have afforded him. Thank you.”

“…we could not have asked for more. During his time, he developed into a confident and balanced young man.”

“More House had a profound and life changing impact on our son’s life. He is a far more able and confident young man due to the unstinting support he received during his ten years at the school. His academic and social abilities were nurtured and supported at More House.”

“Our son loved More House, the school made him confident”

“Academic - increase in confidence in his academic ability. Socially - what he was good, but he missed out on so much due to covid restrictions.”

“More House has had a transformational effect on our son. Of course, his own determination and ability have played their part but the school has provided, especially in the Sixth Form, a secure and intellectually challenging environment for him. He has developed strong friends which we hope will endure…He emerged confident and content, unrecognisable from the young boy who joined.”

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