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‘Renaissance Man (n):- One who has a broad range of intellectual interests’

(Collins English Dictionary)

The Renaissance Programme has been firmly established for a few years now and is aimed at providing students with a host of extra-curricular opportunities, as well as guidance and support as they prepare for life beyond More House.

As well as a range of off-site activities, trips and visits (both social and educational) we also try to bring a stimulating range of outside speakers to the school to inform, infuriate and inspire potent young minds. Once again, our Custodian Hugh plays a pivotal role in organising these opportunities to think outside the MHS box.

Homer: Oh, I’ve eaten eight different meats. I am a true renaissance man

Lisa: I’ll go to the first aid tent and tell them to plug in ye olde stomach pump

(The Simpsons- ‘Lisa’s Wedding’ 1995)

In the past we have enjoyed memorable talks on mental health, ethical farming, humanism and (perhaps one of the more popular events) ‘cooking to impress on a first date’. Residential trips to Paris and (perhaps less opulently) the wilds of Oxfordshire to live off the land with ‘The Bushcraft Company’ have become firm favourites as a means of promoting teamwork, camaraderie and broader cultural awareness. Sixth Form students are also encouraged to work with local charities on a range of projects.

The Renaissance Programme is designed to complement work undertaken as part of the school’s ‘PSHEE’ provision of personal, social, health and economic education, as well as contributing actively to More House’s commitment to student well-being

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